Client & Apprentice Benefits of GTNT

Host Employer Benefits

  1. Provides a safety net for host employers who have a carefully selected apprentice/trainee without the worries of a long term employment contract.
  2. Staffing is flexible to help small business meet peak workloads & seasonal fluctuations.
  3. Frees the host employer from the burden of paperwork & payroll.
  4. GTNT source Government rebates & incentives for host employers.
  5. "Hassle free" approach allows you to develop & grow your business.
  6. Host Employers provide on-the-job training - GTNT does everything else.
  7. Have the option for us to pay wages, superannuation, workers compensation, long service & issue taxation payment summaries.
  8. Small expense to host employers and includes a small recovery cost charge which is our main source of income.
  9. Act as consultants for both host employers & apprentices/trainees throughout the entire period of employment & training.

Apprentice/Trainee Benefits

  1. Monthly apprentice mentoring by GTNT Field Officers.
  2. High course completion rates through careful management & support for the apprentice & host employer.
  3. Apprentice/trainee offered continuous work & training, culminating in a national qualification.
  4. Arranging, mentoring and managing on & off the job training for apprentice/trainees.
  5. Arrange apprentice rotations to broaden training opportunities.
  6. Arrange alternate apprentice work placements when required.
  7. Counsel & care for the apprentice.

Financial Literacy

You may be interested in introducing your apprentices and trainees to a range of resources designed to assist young people to improve their financial literacy.

Young Australians can avoid common ‘rookie errors’ when they make first time financial decisions thanks to MoneySmart Rookie - a new national initiative from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

MoneySmart Rookie aims to help 16 – 25 year olds make smart financial decisions and equip workers supporting young people with relevant and engaging resources. These resources include educational videos, interactive website resources, community education guides and teacher lesson plans and cover seven topics:

  1. Credit and Debt
  2. Getting a Car
  3. First Job
  4. Moving out of Home
  5. Mobile phone deals and plans
  6. Online Transactions
  7. Studying

For further information and to access resources, visit ASIC's MoneySmart website at and search for 'MoneySmart Rookie'.