Company Policies and Procedures

Below are some key Policies and Procedures for GTNT. Click on the heading of each to download the file.

Privacy Policy

GTNT is committed to privacy protection and compliance with applicable privacy laws and standards, and will manage personal information in an open and transparent way.

GTNT will fulfil its obligations under the Privacy Act of 1988 (including the Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012(Cth)), by complying with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). The APPs detail how organisations should collect, update, use, keep secure or where necessary disclose and give access to personal information, as well as how complaints should be handled and how, in some circumstances, anonymity can be maintained.

Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Policy describes the structure and components of Human Resources at GTNT in line with the relevant legislation to meet the needs of all stakeholders (including GTNT staff and Apprentices/Trainees).

Complaints and Appeals Policy

This policy applies to all individuals or organisations receiving services from GTNT, including apprentices and trainees hosted external to GTNT, students of GTNT Training Plus, businesses hosting GTNT's apprentices and trainees and other stakeholders that may be receiving a service from GTNT.

Click here for the Complaints and Appeals Form.

GTNT Access, Equality & Diversity

GTNT through its operating divisions is committed to the principles of access and equity for its clients and staff. The following procedure, and the key strategies within it, outlines the key elements of the company’s commitment.

GTNT Marketing & Communications Policy

Marketing and communications at GTNT are an integral part of our ongoing success and it is important that we ensure that there are several standards in place to meet the needs of the business, whilst also delivering a strong and consistent message to stakeholders (both internally and externally).