GTNT Foundation


The GTNT Foundation was established in 2003, and seeks to encourage young people to pursue an apprenticeship in the NT. The Foundation aims to improve the standard of apprenticeships as well as the quality of apprentices in the NT.

The GTNT Foundation sponsors diverse programs such as our Voluntary Carbon Offset Program in Timor-Leste.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the operation of the apprenticeships market in the Northern Territory, especially in traditional trades and skill shortage areas. 

Our Focus

Community involvement

Programs that encourage and support young people to participate in Apprenticeships and strive for excellence.

Capacity Building

Programs that support the expansion of local Apprenticeships and encourage the participation of local industry, employers and parents.


Our Principals

  1. Identifying unique and strategic opportunities to create apprenticeship demand
  2. Initiating and being receptive to ideas that can make an innovative and lasting contribution to apprenticeships.
  3. Regularly evaluating, reviewing, and refining our community investments.
  4. Sharing our achievements with our stakeholders and the community.

Our Programs

Community Building Programs

  • Apprenticeships Sponsorship Program
  • GTNT Structured Work Experience Program
  • Voluntary Carbon Offset Program (VCOP) Timor Leste

The Future

The Foundation will continue to support the existing programs for as long as they continue to assist in the operation of the apprenticeship market in the NT.

The Foundation will remain flexible so it can respond to ideas and innovations that can have an impact on the local apprenticeships market. Ideas are welcomed from all sectors.

Ideas And Applications

GTNT Foundation
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