GTNT Safety

GTNTs Work Health and Safety Policy

Purpose and Scope

GTNT recognises its ethical and legal responsibility, to comply with Work, Health and Safety Act 2011 and to provide as far as reasonably practicable a work environment that is safe and without risk to health.  This is achieved through conformance with the current national Act and regulations for Workplace Health and Safety, in line with the Group Training Standards 2006 and with guidance from the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards (AS/NZS 4801:2001).


GTNT is committed to the following, (in accordance with legislative obligations):

Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for employees (including apprentices/trainees), contractors and visitors at all work sites and prospective host workplaces, within the Northern Territory;

Regular WHS consultation, co-operation, co-ordination and training with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that WHS management both within GTNT offices and at host workplaces is of a high standard; and

 GTNT has procedures in place to ensure the implementation of this policy.


The CEO and Board of Directors will ensure that WHS responsibilities are appropriately defined and that Managers receive training and resources they need to carry out their WHS responsibilities. These further responsibilities are listed within the WHS commitment document.

Monitoring and review

The Board and Management will continuously monitor and review this policy in accordance with legislation and other factors relevant to GTNT by:

    A systematic approach of internal audits on an annual basis; and
    A formal external audit at least every 2 years.

GTNT is dedicated to safety and with our new Health, Safety and Environmental Officer we are experiencing a positive change.

GTNT has achieved the following:

  •     Ambassador of Safe Work Week Australia
  •     Liaises with safety institute of Australia – the HSE Officer has established solid relationships with SIA and have been instated as a regional committee member for the QLD/NT branch.
  •     Providing Coaching Apprentices for Success Workshop–During this course it offers valuable information in relation to your businesses legal obligations under the current WHS Law.
  •     WHS Awareness Inductions – All GTNT Staff and Apprentices/Trainees are required to complete an online WHS awareness induction upon commencement.
  •     Hybrid Cars – GTNT chose to make the entire urban fleet of vehicles an environmentally friendly fleet. We are committed to ensuring that our impact on the environment is as minimal and that we remain corporately and socially responsible.
  •     Navman Wireless – Ensuring that all employees are safe within every part of their workplace – including their vehicle.
  •     OzHelp – in conjunction with Oz Help to better meet the needs of NT industries and provide support and training to better engage NT workers with the information and tools for difficult situations.
  •     Staff Training sessions – creating a better HSE culture through the development and knowledge sharing of experts with staff.
  •     HSE Committee – Committee devoted to ensuring that the HSE culture is maintained and nurtured through initiative and updates within the monthly newsletter
  •     WIHIs – Introduction for Hosts to the HSE Officer. This meeting takes place in the Host workplace to ensure a safe workplace prior any apprentice or trainee placement and to ensure all of their employees have a safe workplace and are best equipped for their legal obligations.
  •     Prevention training and support - GTNT has undertaken it role to act with  consultations, communications and calibrations and is proactively providing additional support to host and apprentices alike.