Privacy Statement

The Top End Group Training Pty Ltd Privacy Policy is based on the Commonwealth Privacy Act, and the National Privacy Principles, extracted from the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

These principles are summarised as follows:
Principle One – Collection

Personal information will not be collected unless it is necessary for one or more business functions. Information must be collected by lawful and fair means. Individuals must be made aware of the purpose of collecting the information, how they can obtain access to the information, and what information may be disclosed to other organisations, including its purpose.  Information will generally be collected from the individual concerned and if obtained by other means the individual advised.

Principle Two – Use and Disclosure

Personal information about an individual will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose other than the appropriate business purpose, unless specific conditions have been met.

Principle Three – Data Quality

Personal information should be accurate, complete, and up to date.

Principle Four – Data Security

Personal information should be protected from misuse and loss and under authorised access, modification or disclosure. Personal information no longer needed should be destroyed or permanently modified to remove personal nature of information (this is subject to other legislative requirements).

Principle Five – Openness

Business must set out clearly expressed policies on the management of personal information and make this publicly available.

Principle Six – Access and Correction

Personal information held should be provided to individuals on request except in specified circumstances. Reasons for denial of access or refusal to correct information must be provided. Personal information that is incorrect must be updated to the satisfaction of the individual

Principle Seven

A Business must not adopt as its own identifier of an individual an identifier of the individual a sign by an agency.

Principle Eight – Anonymity

Where it is lawful and practicable, individuals must have the option of not identifying themselves when entering transactions with an organisation.

Principle Nine – Transport of Data Flows

Specific rules exist for the transfer of personal information between Australia and foreign countries

Principle Ten – Sensitive Information

A business must not collect sensitive information about an individual unless the individual has consented or a range of special conditions apply.



Top End Group Training Pty Ltd, through its business divisions, Group Training Northern Territory, Australian Apprenticeships NT (a division of Group Training Northern Territory) and GTNT Training acknowledge and respect the privacy of individuals.

We acknowledge that the information you provide to us is personal information as defined by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1998.

This policy will be publicly displayed in the reception areas of all premises, and will be accessible via the following websites: and

The information being collected is for the purpose of:

The provision of Group Training Services, including processing employment applications and group training support services.

The provision of Australian Apprenticeship support services.

The provision of GTNT training services including the completion of specific qualifications.

This information assists us in improving our service to clients. The intendant recipients of the information are staff of the respective service areas. In regard to employment applications and resumes these may be on forwarded to perspective host employers for the purpose of assessing a prospective candidate.

The provision of the information is voluntary, but if this information is not provided the company may be unable to process \your employment application or enquiry.

Top End Group Training Pty Ltd will make its best endeavors to ensure that information is accurate, complete, up to date, and secure.

You have the right of access to, or alteration, personal information concerning yourself in accordance with the privacy act 1998. Please direct any enquiry’s you may have in relation to this matter to the manager of the service you are utilising.