GTNT Awards Night 2020

GTNT 2020 Awards Night

About Awards Night

Our awards ceremony is a night to celebrate and recognise the achievements of apprentices, trainees, supervisors and host businesses across the Northern Territory. This year our ceremony will be held at Mindil Beach Casino Resort on Friday 15th May 2020.

2020 Key Dates

Nominations open Monday 25th November 2019
Nominations close Friday 24th January 2020
Finalists announced Wednesday 12th February 2020
Judging occurs  17th to 28th February 2020
Tickets on sale Monday 2nd March 2020
GTNT Awards Night Friday 15th May 2020

2020 Award Category Nomination Forms

Award Category    Sponsored by    
Apprentice of the Year   NTG

Trainee of the Year  

Asbuild NT





Indigenous Apprentice of the Year   Master Builders NT  



David Beavington Award for Most Outstanding Automotive Apprentice   Invigoration (NT) Pty Ltd    
School Based Apprentice of the Year  

Power Water





Supervisor of the Year   Kinetic IT  



Host Business of the Year   Bridge Toyota  



Outstanding Apprentice; Stage 1   Darwin High School logo  



Outstanding Apprentice; Stage 2      



Outstanding Apprentice; Stage 3      



Prelude to the Future; Most Outstanding Shell Apprentice    



Local Jobs  Human Services; Most Outstanding Trainee  







Important Information

Conditions of Entry

All applicants will need to read and agree to the Conditions of Entry prior to submitting their nomination.

The closing time and date for all nominations is 5pm, Friday 24th January 2020. No nomination will be accepted after this date.

Full Conditions
  • All nominees must complete a nomination form and answer all criteria. You may ask your Employment Specialist for assistance in completing your nomination.
  • Nomination packs are available via the website.
  • Nominees must meet all other eligibility criteria.
  • Nominees for individual categories must be employed or managed by GTNT. Organisational categories must be an active partner with GTNT.
  • Nominees must agree to abide by the decision of the judging panel, which is final and cannot be appealed.
  • Finalists and winners must agree for their photographs, profiles and training details to be used for promotional purposes by GTNT and their Host Business.
  • Finalists must be prepared to make a short video (in their workplace) for use on the presentation night.
  • Finalists and winners must be prepared to be involved in promotional events and activities if required.
  • Nominees must be available during the Judging process for an interview, refer to key dates for specific dates.
  • All finalists must be available to attend the GTNT Awards Night’s, refer to key dates for individual region dates.
  • Winners of individual categories must be prepared to present a short speech upon receiving their award.

Winners of categories that transfer across to NT Training Award categories, need to know that they will be expected (in consultation with their GTNT Employment Specialist) to submit a nomination form, and must make themselves available for the NT Training Awards Ceremony in September 2020 (date to be confirmed).

Judging Process

To ensure that we are awarding the best of our Apprentices, Trainees, Supervisors and Host Businesses, a rigorous judging process will take place. The winner of each category will be nominated for the NT Training Awards. The judging process will occur in two phases; nominations and interviews. Interviews will take place for shortlisted finalists only.

Phase 1: Nomination and Shortlisting

Each written nomination will be assessed against eligibility and selection criteria to determine the short-listed nominees, who then become known as finalists. All nominees will be advised in writing by the Project Coordinator, informing them of the outcome of shortlisting

Phase 2: Interviews

At the judging interview, the judges will ask a series of questions that directly relate to the selection criteria. They want to hear your story and why you deserve to win the category. 

Why & How to Nominate

The successful winners of individual categories will receive a cash prize, and more importantly have the opportunity to represent GTNT and their Host Business at the Northern Territory Training Awards (NTTA).
The NTTA is a great platform for you to showcase your commitment to and achievements in vocational education and training (VET), on a State/Territory level, for your chance to receive up to $4,000 cash and represent the NT at the Australian Training Awards.

Individuals, for nominating for the GTNT Awards you will have the chance to:   For businesses, you will have the opportunity to:
  • reflect on your achievements to date
  • inspire others to aim high in their careers, achieve personal goals and be the best that they can be throughout life
  • share your or your organisation’s story and help promote how great taking a training pathway can be
  • be awarded with a NT Training Awards trophy and framed certificate.
  • extend your reach to a greater audience, and potentially increase awareness to new customers
  • gain recognition for the implementation of quality training and assessment practices
  • become a highly desirable workplace for potential employees
  • be awarded with a NT Training Awards trophy and framed certificate
Who can be Nominated

The GTNT Awards recognises the achievements of our Apprentices, Trainees, Supervisors and Host Businesses. As long as you meet each individual award category eligibility criteria, then you are able to submit a nomination.

How to Nominate

Nominations for the 2020 GTNT Awards will be open from Monday 25th November 2019 through to closing date, Friday 24th January 2020. Nominations submitted outside of these will not be eligible and won’t be considered.
To successfully enter, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Visit GTNT’s website
Step 2: Download the correct nomination form for you or your organisation.
Step 3: Check the awards criteria to confirm your eligibility, and read the conditions of entry.
Step 4: Follow the steps in the pack, complete your nomination ensuring that you fill out all selections of the nomination form and address the criteria.
Step 5: Submit your nomination to

Submitting your Application

Please check individual nomination forms and conditions before writing your application. Award criteria can differ for each of the award categories so please check this before submitting your application, and ensure that you adjust your nomination if submitting an application for more than one category.

You will need to send your completed application (nomination form, addressed criteria, supporting letters and memorandum of grades/certificate etc) as one whole PDF document. Please note: Applications that are received with more than one document will be returned for review.

Via Email

Your nomination needs to be submitted via email to The Subject Line should indicate the award category and your name (eg: Mark Johnson – Trainee of the Year).
If email access is not available, completed nominations can be handed to your GTNT Employment Specialist or can be mailed to the below address (please keep in mind that we need to receive it by Friday 24th January 2020):

Alexander Broers
Marketing Manager
GPO Box 3245
Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 0448 157 098

Tips for write your Nomination

Here are some helpful hints and good examples of how to write and structure your responses to the different sections and criteria in your applications.

Outlined below, are examples of how to address ‘Section A’ of your application, and the criteria in ‘Section B’. While these particular examples address the Apprentice of the Year category, please note that the style and structure of these answers can be applied across all award categories.

Section A: Overview

The key to addressing ‘Section A’ and ‘Section B’ is to: talk about yourself and what makes you stand out make sure you tell us about your progress and achievements (both in study and in the workplace). In other words, we want you to ‘tell your story’.
Please note that in both the ‘Section A’ examples set out below, the writer talks about themselves and their achievements in a straightforward and clear manner. Importantly, both examples also use concise, direct sentences and the paragraphs are short and to the point. Both responses are succinct and readable - just what the judges want to see.

Example 1

I began work experience with Hidden Valley Ford in 2009 and enrolled in Certificate III in Mechanical (Light Vehicle) in 2010. I will complete the qualification through CDU in 2011. My employer is renowned locally for delivering quality service and providing excellent incentives for hard working employees, and this is what attracted me to them.
I feel like I’ve spent every weekend since I was six years old under the bonnet of a car with my father and uncles. I’ve helped them rebuild two classic cars which were showcased at the local car meet. An apprenticeship enabled me to turn my passion for cars into a career.

(Notice how the sentences are short and to the point.)

Example 2

Qualification: Certificate III in Mechanical (Light Vehicle) (2010-2011)
Registered Training Organisation (RTO): Charles Darwin University (CDU)
Employer: Hidden Valley Ford (2009-current)
(Using dot points can make responses easier to read.)
Why I chose this industry and this path:
I feel like I’ve spent every weekend since I was six years old under the bonnet of a car with my father and uncles. I’ve helped them rebuild two classic cars which were successfully showcased at a local car meet. An apprenticeship enabled me to turn my passion for cars into a career.

(Your personal experiences will help you tell your story.)

Section B: The Criteria

Let’s turn to some good examples of how you address the criteria. Remember, the most important thing to remember when addressing the criteria is to respond only to what is being asked. Always answer the question and organise your thoughts and write your responses in a direct and concise manner. Use short sentences, short paragraphs and lots of white space.

Here are some examples that will help with your responses to criteria across all award categories (you will notice how straightforward and clear these responses are).

Example 3

Criteria 1: Career and Study Achievements
I have really enjoyed the hands-on learning and experience I’ve gotten by doing an apprenticeship.
(A short opening paragraph introducing what you are going to say is always good and easy to follow for the judges.)
(Now tell your story …)
My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to learn how to be a mechanic while on-the-job. By literally getting my hands dirty, I have been able to see straight away what I’m good at and what areas I need to get more help in. This immediate practical feedback has made it easier for me to develop my skills.
Achievements during my apprenticeship also reflect my dedication and passion towards building my career:
volunteering to build and service motorbikes for the Finke Bike Race in 2008 and 2009
by working hard and doing well, I was the only apprentice selected by Hidden Valley Ford to get a tour of the V8 Supercar-Ford Performance Racing Team ‘pit’.

(Notice how much white space there is and how concise the response is.)

Example 4

Criteria 2: Communication, Team and Leadership Skills
During my apprenticeship, I have developed my oral and written communication skills by talking about my training and experiences to groups of potential apprentices during introduction nights held at Hidden Valley Ford,
completing vehicle maintenance forms and suggesting amendments to the form to provide customers with more detailed information; these suggestions were then incorporated into the form.

As part of a team servicing one car, I participate in discussions about maintenance schedules as well as discussions on how best to solve unusual car problems or noises that a customer has reported. I love my work, so it’s easy for me to be happy when doing small or big tasks as part of the team’s servicing job.
Although I am a junior apprentice, I try to set an example of being a good worker by regularly getting to work on time and sometimes working overtime. I also find that other apprentices often ask my opinion about a job they’re working on.

(Notice how the writer is telling his story and drawing on his experiences to address the criteria.)

Example 5

Criteria 3: Ability to represent the training system at a broader level
As I mentioned in my answer to Criterion 2, I regularly participate in introduction nights for potential apprentices that my employer, Hidden Valley Ford, runs.
I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for apprenticeships, as I believe hands-on training for practical trades, like being a vehicle mechanic, is a good way to learn.
I feel like I spend a lot of time at family gatherings talking about my training too, and one of my younger cousins says that because of me, he’s planning on becoming a school-based apprentice so that he can get started early with his training.
I think winning this award will give me more public opportunities to share my passion for apprenticeships, while it will help me personally by showing on my CV that I am a good worker.

Example 6

Criteria 4: Other Pursuits
My passion for cars extends to motorbikes and I have been competing in moto-cross events since I was eight.
(Short opening paragraph again)
I was the Top End under-12 and under-15 champion. Since then, I’ve explored different motorsport categories and continue to attend events like the V8 Supercars and SuperBikes. As mentioned in my answer to Criterion 2, I have also worked behind the scenes in the Finke Bike Race 2008 and 2009.
As my family lives in Nightcliff, I have a daily view of the ocean and joined the local Surf Lifesaving Club last year as a way to build my fitness and meet people. I have now completed the training for a Bronze Medallion and have begun working as a volunteer on my weekends. I’m really enjoying being a part of a group that has fun while taking its role in beach safety seriously.
My pursuits with motor sports outside my apprenticeship gives me extra time to develop my knowledge of motor vehicles, and I then take this extra experience back into the workplace. Being a vehicle mechanic is very physically demanding, so my work as a Surf Lifesaver helps me stay fit for myself and for my work.


Don’t be shy about providing supporting evidence to back up your application (for example, statistics, graphs, tables, examples, photographs, testimonials).

Additional Resources

If you need more information about how to address criteria, see what Dr Ann Villiers, an expert in how to address selection criteria, has to say at