11:50 AM, 04 May 2022

Finalist: 2022 GTNT Group Awards – Supervisor of the Year

Host Business: Territory Generation

Paul Hewitt completed his trade in 1988 and worked in Mining, Construction, Rail Transport and Power Generation Industries for many years. In 2009, Paul was successful in obtaining an electrical trades person position at Channel Island Power Station and worked in this role for over eight years. Paul’s dedication and hard work was recognised and he was promoted to the Electrical Lead OMT. 

Since commencing at Territory Generation in 2014, Paul has supervised five hosted electrical apprentices, two employees undertaking their first apprenticeship, and five additional employees undertaking dual trade apprenticeships in Instrumentation and Control. Paul is a proactive supervisor, who ensures the best for apprentices and his team.  Paul has supervised more than 50 apprentices over the span of his career.

Whether it be an electrical or mechanical apprentice, Paul has always been an advocate for the Early Careers Program at Territory Generation, and believes that with the right guidance anyone can succeed. His current apprentices said, “Paul leads by example, he shows us how to do everything properly, including all the little tricks of the trade”. 

Territory Generation actively contribute to developing the skills of Northern Territory residents by hosting apprentices and upskilling their own employees with dual-trade apprenticeships. Territory Generation has approximately 80 trades qualified employees across all sites.


What impact has Paul made in the workplace as a supervisor?

Paul is a supportive supervisor who values each apprentice and member of his team. He treats everyone with respect and ensures all apprentices are welcomed into the electrical team.

Not only is Paul an advocate for the electrical apprentices at Channel Island Power Station, but he is an advocate for training and upskilling across his company for employees also. Paul's leadership and guidance gives the female apprentices the confidence and determination they need to succeed in male-dominated industries.

Paul is an advocate for apprentices receiving as many opportunities as they can. Recently, one of his apprentices had the opportunity to work with a High Voltage contractor. Although this job was solely contracted with no Territory Generation employees required to work on the task, Paul's relationship and knowledge of the job ahead, he negotiated exposure to another field of electrical that is only briefly covered in the apprenticeship. The apprentice returned from the experience really motivated and having learned a lot.