11:48 AM, 27 Apr 2022

Finalist: 2022 GTNT Group Awards – David Beavington Most Outstanding Automotive Apprentice

Qualification: Certificate Ill in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Host Business: South32-GEMCO

Shadrack pursued this apprenticeship to learn new skills in order help future generations and the people living on Groote Eylandt. This opportunity has greatly impacted Shadrack as he has acquired many new skills such as servicing cars, rebuilding components, and performing wheel balances and alignments.

Shadrack has become a role model for younger Indigenous people in his community and often shares his knowledge and encourages others to consider an apprenticeship pathway. He also helps visitors and FIFO workers understand his cultural heritage and way of life on the island. Shadrack would like to eventually have run his own mechanical workshop.  

What impact did your studies/work have on your life?

This apprenticeship has impacted me greatly, as I have learnt a lot of new skills, including how to service cars properly, rebuild components, change tyres and perform wheel balances and alignments. I enjoy sharing my learning experiences with others and help others to fix cars, lawn mowers, chainsaws, garden equipment, trucks and forklifts.

I enjoy working in a team setting and the support that I receive from my team leader Dave has been incredible. He is knowledgeable, he always helps me and ensures that all tasks that I perform are completed correctly, so I can be a good mechanic when I complete my training. I believe that the most important traits to positively influence others are always come to work, be polite, have fun and be trustworthy.

I have taken on a leadership role when I worked for Mine Services and Rehabilitation. As the leading hand of my crew and I would delegate and direct the workers to perform their jobs. 

Interesting Fact!

I was involved in a cultural day for NAIDOC week at the school and I taught the children how to correctly throw spears.